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    Run your mission-critical applications on a Managed Private Cloud and enjoy all the flexibility and convenience that comes with virtualization. Unleash your company's potential with completely dedicated infrastructure and unmatched computing performance.

  • Cloud Compute

    | Scaleable Infrastructure

    | Highly Available

    | Redundant Architechture

    | Public & Private Clouds

    | Utility pricing

  • Enterprise Storage

    | Elastic Storage

    | Highly Available

    | Redundant Architechture

    | Fibre Storage Fabric

    | Utility pricing

  • Network

    | Snort Intrusion Detection

    | Custom hardened Firewalls

    | Carrier Class Hardware

    | Highly Available

  • Datacenters

    | Tier 3 Level

    | N+1 AC & Power

    | Carrier Neutral

    | Primary DC's outside M25

Why Cloud?


fractus is a UK cloud provider.

Quick deployment on a stable, secure and robust platform.

Cloud computing offers a number of advantages, one major benefit is that you no longer have to support the infrastructure or have the knowledge necessary to develop and maintain that infrastructure. The burden has been lifted and we take care of everything. Leaving you to focus on your core business. Cloud computing eliminates the capital expense associated with developing and maintaining the infrastructure stack.

About Us

About Us

As a small team of engineers, architects and consultants we set out to build a scalable, resilient and secure Cloud.

Based around the core idea of adaptive Architecture to offer a cost effective cloud platform without compromise at any level. With the added value of Consulting we can tailor to your exact current requirements. without any limitations on scalability for future expansion, all at OPEX cost.

Cloud Compute


The compute infrastructure was designed from the ground up, to offer the greatest scalability and redundancy at the most effective price point. Currently utilizing HP's renowned DL series of servers to offer the best Memory to CPU core percentage.

Our Skunk works department are looking into utilizing our own server design incorporating only the components we need for the next generation of our platform to further maximise Datacenter performance, space and power efficiency.

Enterprise Storage


Utilizing IBM's proven DS Storage System range. We use Fibre Channel attached storage to offer redundant, fast and scalable enterprise class storage. We only use 15k FC Disks wirh multi pathed host connections.

Clients with more than 2 VMs will be placed into their own LUN for logical security at the SAN and Datastore level. We also utilize our in-house architected ZFS based storage for high use @ low cost per Gb storage as well as backups. All deployed in a scalable with no service impact design.


To keep our network secure we use custom FreeBSD based firewalls further protected by Snort,the open source network intrusion prevention system used by FTSE 100 companies. We used dedicated uplinks, private client VLANs and even edicated client firewalls to ensure end to end security.

The backbone utilizes carrier class switches with full redundancy. In the lab we are also looking at Arista and Quanta switches for greater throughput. All Internet BGP links use multiple carriers to ensure quality of service. All physical links are redundant and routed diversely to the racks

Who owns my Cloud data?

Unlike some other providers, we maintain that data remains the property of the client.

If a VM is deleted it will be automaticly removed from backups and any data in retention deleted within the following 4hrs. If you decide to move your VMs elsewhere, we will export in any number of formats for you to download and once we recieve confirmation those instances are back online we will then delete all Cloud data relating to your moved Virtual Machines.

Next Steps

Next Steps

Quick deployment on a stable, secure and robust platform.

From single instance deployments to migrating your entire infrastructure stack, we are here to help. Covering you from greenfield builds to moving and integration with your existing systems from start to finish. We can design and tailor a solution to fit your performance, security and budget requirements. Leaving you to focus on your business.

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Our Clients


Our clients

Founded in 2009 by a team of experienced call centre professionals with the aim of resolving the PCI compliance challenges faced by the industry. Semafone provides secure voice transactions for contact centres and retailers.

Established in 1998 Voicepath provides its clients with high quality transcription services for both single and multi-speaker dictation or interviews and for copy typing of marked-up documents and manuscripts.

Bytronic are the experts in devising innovative solutions to unique problems in the field of manufacturing process and factory automation. They specialise in machine vision, automated test equipment for test and measurement, and industrial ID technology.

Optimum FX helping manufacturers deliver more from their existing equipment and people. There proven IFA approach continues to deliver lasting results within some of the most recognisable names in manufacturing. Specialising in identifying True Causal Loss and implementing sustainable manufacturing performance improvement.

Winscribe is the largest supplier of digital dictation technology in the world with installations in 25 countries and more than 350,000 users globally. Providing solutions for a number of industries including Legal, Healthcare, Transcription, and Government sectors and has a widespread global.